Fanfare® ES

A long-lasting, broad-spectrum controller of many damaging insect pests in a variety of crops.

Crop protection

Key Benefits of Fanfare ES

  • Performance equal to Fanfare 2EC: confidence in control and return on investment. 
  • Significantly less odor: improves user experience and enhances flexibility of use around sensitive areas. 
  • Better tank-mix compatibility versus ECs: ease of use through more tank-mix choices. 
  • Broad crop and pest label: simplifies requirements for multiple products. 
  • Complies with clean air standards: comfort in regulatory sustainability.

Corn - Field


Vegetables - All

Vegetables - Cole Crops

Vegetables - Fruiting

Vegetables - Leafy


Nuts -

Nuts - Almonds

Oil Seeds

Fruits - All

Fruits - Citrus

Fruits - Grapes

Fruits - Pome

Corn - Sweet


Edible Beans

Key Targets

Seedcorn Beetle, Codling Moth, Ants, Peach Twig Borer, Naval Orange Worm, Black Cutworm, Two Spotted Spider Mite, Webworm, Banks Grass Mite, Stink Bugs, Sap Beetle, Grasshoppers, Chinch Bug, Corn Earworm, Greenbug, Japanese Beetle, Seedcorn Maggot, Stalkborer, Aphids, Cereal Leaf Beetle, Corn Rootworm Larvae, Army Cutworm, Grubs, Wireworms

Active Ingredient