ABBA Ultra®

Offers twice the concentration and half the hassle.


Crop protection

  • Advanced Formulation: Features advanced formulation technology to deliver superior efficacy plus environmentally and user-friendly attributes. 
  • 2x Concentration: Has twice the active ingredient concentration of standard abamectins so applicators use half the typical rate. 
  • Less Waste: With less product required per acre, there are fewer containers to manage, store, and dispose of. 
  • Improved Handler Safety: Features significant reductions in PPE requirements for an improved handler experience. 
  • Broad Spectrum Control: Provides a long-lasting blockade against a wide spectrum of mites and provides control of leafhoppers, leafminers, thrips and other insects. 
  • Resistance Management: An excellent foundation tool in an insecticide spray program with rotation partners.


Vegetables - Fruiting

Vegetables - Leafy


Nuts -

Nuts - Almonds

Fruits - Citrus

Fruits - Grapes

Fruits - Pome

Key Targets

Two Spotted, Pacific, Strawberry and Pacific Spider Mites

Signal Word


Group Number


Packaging Size

4x1 gallon

Active Ingredient