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Safe Harbor Privacy Statement

It is the policy of Adama to respect, protect and maintain the privacy of "personal information" received from its employees, customers and other third parties in the course of business. The purpose of this Safe Harbor Statement is to document the privacy principles followed by Adama in connection with the transfer and protection of personal information received from any party. This policy complies with the information privacy and data protection principles enacted by the European Union and Switzerland.


This Safe Harbor Statement governs personal information transferred from countries in the EU and Switzerland to the United States and in connection with Adama business activities.

For the purpose of Safe Harbor, "personal information" shall mean any information which may, directly or indirectly, identify or lead to the identification of a person. Personal information shall include, but is not limited to, an individual's name, address, email address, telephone number, government identification number, license numbers of any kind, or photographs. Personal information shall not include information that is anonymous, stripped of identifying details, encoded or encrypted, or aggregated. Personal information also shall not include any information that is publicly available, except where such public information is supplemented with non-public, personally identifying information.

Safe Harbor Privacy Principles

The following principles form the core of the Safe Harbor Program:

  • Notice: Any personal information received by Adama in connection with its business is provided voluntarily by persons having "ownership" of such information. Adama provides persons with an explanation about the types of information collected or maintained, how such information is maintained and protected, and how to contact Adama to request review, correction or deletion of such information. Personal information is never disclosed to a third party without consent of the affected individual(s).
    Adama also maintains a Privacy Statement which is distributed to its employees and is available to third parties upon request which outlines the collection and use of any information collected from persons visiting such websites.
    In certain limited cases and only where authorized by Safe Harbor principles, Adama may be unable to provide notice of disclosure of personal information to affected person(s). For example, Safe Harbor principles do not require notice where disclosure of personal information is required to comply with a court or other valid government order or inquiry, where applicable laws or regulations waive notice requirements, or where protection of legitimate Adama legal interests would be compromised by notice.
  • Choice: Adama will not use any personal information collected from or about covered individuals for any purpose not authorized by the individual. For the purpose of this section, voluntary provision of personal information in connection with the performance of certain activities will constitute authorization as will a written statement granting permission to use or disclose information for certain stated purposes. Individuals may contact Adama at any time to inquire about the types of personal information Adama currently maintains and to request either changes in authorized uses or deletion of their personal information from Adama records.
  • Data integrity: Adama strives to ensure that any personal information collected or maintained about covered individuals is complete, accurate and reliable for the purposes for which the information was obtained or authorized.
  • Transfers to Third Parties: Adama will only share personal information collected with third parties only where necessary and only if the third party has provided assurances that the agent provides at least the same level of privacy protection as is required by these privacy principles. Assurances shall be made in the form of a written agreement between Adama and the third party. If Adama learns that a third party is using or sharing personal information in a manner that is inconsistent with the Safe Harbor Privacy Principals, Adama will take reasonable and appropriate steps to prevent or stop such processing. Adama will only transfer personal information where such transfer is consistent with applicable laws and with the notice provided to the data subjects at the time the Personal Data were collected.
  • Access and Correction: Covered individuals may contact Adama in writing to request reasonable access to their personal information. Adama will take reasonable steps to allow such individuals to review, correct or request deletion of their personal information.
  • Security: Adama has implemented a variety commercially reasonable physical security and information technology measures to protect personal information.
  • Enforcement: Adama has established internal management practices and policies to support the Safe Harbor principles. ADAMA encourages covered individuals with concerns about its information management practices to contact Adama at the address below. Adama also has agreed to participate in dispute resolution programs provided by the American Arbitration Association.
  • Limitation on Scope of Principles: Adama will take all reasonable steps to comply with Safe Harbor principles and this policy. Strict compliance with Safe Harbor or these policies may be limited in certain cases and as required to meet legal, governmental or national security obligations. Information about limitations is set forth in the U.S. Department of Commerce Safe Harbor website.

Privacy Statement

Adama respects, protects and maintains the privacy of persons providing personal information to it in the normal course of business. The purpose of this Privacy Statement is to describe Adama's data collection and data use policies.

Who is covered. This Privacy Statement applies to all persons who provide personal information to Adama in the normal course of business. Providing personal information in the normal course of business constitutes acceptance of and assent to the policies and practices stated herein.

Notice. Adama does not mine or otherwise capture by electronic means, information about persons accessing its websites. Adama collects personally identifiable information, such as name, place of business, address, telephone number, or electronic mail address, only if provided voluntarily by a person.

Adama may use the information voluntarily provided to verify any information needed to satisfy information requests, perform requested actions, complete requested transactions or otherwise conduct business with the person providing the information. Adama does not share personal information collected with any third parties without consent or a written agreement by the third party to abide by the Safe Harbor Principals.

The websites maintained by Adama may include links to the websites of Adama business partners, business associates or other third parties. Adama makes no representations regarding and assumes no responsibility for the privacy practices of any third parties. Adama highly recommends that any person accessing a third party website through an Adama website review the privacy policies posted on such external website prior to disclosing any personal or personally identifiable information.

Information Management Practices. Certain information, such as a computer's Internet Protocol address, may be stored in the "cookies" used to efficiently transfer information via the Internet. Adama does not use "cookies" or other electronic files to store personal or personally identifiable information. To further maintain privacy of personal information, the "disable cookies" or "private browsing" feature may be enabled on any computer used to access the Adama websites.

Adama shall take all reasonable and prudent measures to safeguard any personal or personally identifiable information shared with us against unauthorized disclosure.

Contact Information

Questions about this Safe Harbor Privacy Statement or how it is implemented by Adama may be directed by US Mail to the General Counsel for Adama USA at 3120 Highwoods Blvd. #100 Raleigh, NC 27604

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